Build Kits

We offer our customers the opportunity to manufacturing their own aircraft through our line of build kits. Our build kits include all the parts needed to build a complete aircraft including the engine, instruments, propeller, avionics and upholstery. For each of our signature aircraft, we offer both a Standard Build kit and Fast Build kit option. The only difference between the kits is the degree to which these parts have been pre-assembled when the builder receives them.

Standard Build Kits

The Standard kit is far more than just a “materials package.” When the kit is shipped, any work requiring mechanical equipment not readily available to the homebuilder is already done. If a part needs to be sheared, bent, rolled, pressed, hydro-formed, heat treated or welded to be ready to use, it has already been done at the factory. The builder’s job is primarily to assemble the parts, not make them.

Fast Build Kits

Our Fast Build Kits will cut building time by about 40%. The complete Fast Build Kit consists of a Standard Empennage/Tail and Finish kit, but the big difference is that the Wings and Fuselage will arrive largely complete with the factory already completing about 75% of your metal airframe. We will also complete some of the more critical and important jobs like sealing the fuel tanks and priming to protect against corrosion.

Build Kit Pricing

WING N/A $15,500+ GST
FUSELAGE N/A $16,000 + GST
AVIONICS Price on Request Price on Request
POWERPLANT Price on Request Price on Request
STANDARD BUILD KIT TOTAL N/A $50,000+ (Powerplant & Avionics) +GST
FAST BUILD KIT TOTAL N/A $70,000 + (Powerplant & Avionics) +GST