This page has a selection of reports, photos and videos which documents the flight and structural testing preformed on our aircraft models to ensure they are in compliance with ASTM Standard 2245-16C. Note: these tests were carried out under professional guidance with a spin recovery chute fitted to the tail of both aircraft.

Brumby 610

The Brumby 610 undertaking spin testing in accordance with the requirements of ASTM F2245-16C. The Brumby 610 is resistant to spinning, spins were achievable at the rear limit with 25KG at the far aft baggage limit @ 75% power entering the spin. Recovery is achieved in 1/4 turn in most combinations required to comply.

In conclusion, the Brumby 610 is a very docile and safe aircraft in all configuration. in some cases the aircraft recovers with only a gentle push forward on the control column and no rudder, this has demonstrated excellent spin recovery techniques.

The aircraft is not approved for spinning.

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Brumby 600

The videos show the Brumby 600 VH Registered conducting spin testing. There was no additional weight to compensate for the parachute weight at the rear of the aircraft. Recovery in half turn in all configurations.The spin testing was conducted by Ex-CASA test pilot and consisted of the 64 combinations in total and you can see the low wing going well past the one turn rotation in a fully developed spin .This was done to satisfy ourselves and not part of the requirement. The other videos showing another test pilot conducting the initial spin tests in the swept tail version with no compensation for the parachute attached to the rear of the aircraft and again recovery is very quick with the standard recovery technique.

The 600 low wing is not approved for spins.

Structural Testing Photos